Get Your Token Listed On An Exchange

If you have a cryptocurrency token and you’re looking to get it listed on exchanges, Moola Financial Group can help. We have connections with over 500 crypto exchanges including traditional order book exchanges, wallets, P2P trading platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEX), exchange aggregators and token swap protocols, all who are looking for innovative new projects to add to their platforms.

“There are 3 eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.”


― Chris Dixon

Give Your Token Holders Liquidity

Getting your token listed on exchanges is an essential step for all cryptocurrency projects. Getting your token or digital currency listed on exchanges gives your user base liquidity by allowing them to trade their tokens using any available trading pairs. We can connect your project to exchanges that will link your digital token to BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and a wide range of other ALT coins.

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Streamline The Token Listing Process

At Moola Financial Group, we streamline the token listing process making it painless, easy and fast. After signing up as a client, you’ll be redirected to a passback page where you’ll need to tell us more information about your project (i.e. project summary, website, token distribution details, use cases etc). We then create a dedicated and private client dashboard that our listing specialists and your team can access privately to keep up to date on the application and listing progress for each of the exchanges we submit your project to. 

Direct & Immediate Access To Exchanges

Because we deal with many clients here at Moola Financial Group, we have a direct connection with many crypto exchanges. We can therefore, offer our clients more direct access as well as discounted listing fees. Before we begin the listing process we will chat with you about your listing goals (exchange size, daily trading volume, fees, free exchanges, voting based exchanges etc). This helps make the token listing process targeted, fast and efficient. Many of our clients are trading on exchanges within 3-14 days

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Get Your Token Listed on an Exchange Now

Once your order is received you will be redirected to a new client page where we will ask you to tell us a bit more about your project (token symbol, blockchain explorer, project summary etc).