Cost of Living in Medellin, Colombia: Apartment Rental Prices

At Moola Financial Group we focus on helping borderless company entrepreneurs discover the best tax jurisdictions for their global offshore companies. We also strive to help those same entrepreneurs find favorable jurisdictions for personal residency. Over the next few days we’ll explore what it’s like to live in beautiful Medellin, Colombia. Today, we’ll look into the cost of living in Medellin as it relates to apartment rental (or purchase) costs. If you like what you see in this video contact us. One of our support staff can help you find local deals on apartments (as well as help you with the visa application process). 

Cost of living in Medellin Colombia

Cost of Renting or Buying an Apartment in Medellin, Colombia. 

Hi everyone! In this video and accompanying blog post, we’re going to take a peak at what type of apartment you can get for around $500 / month while living in Medellin, Colombia.

However, before we jump in, it’s worth mentioning that deals like this are not available, or at least not easily available, to foreigners for many reasons as we’ll discuss in an upcoming blog post. You’ll often need to pay 12 months in advance, have a signature of a wealthy local co-signer, and go through through the lengthy process of putting a large sum of money into a CDT (Certificado de Depósito a Término).

So if you’re interested in getting access to beautiful unfurnished rentals at local prices, without all of this hassle then head over to our site at Moola Financial Group and contact us today. We specialize in helping foreigners get access to good deals on local rentals, like the one we’re about to show you.

unfurnished apartment rentals medellin

So let’s jump in and look at an example. The rental cost of a unit in this building ranges from $450 USD for smaller one bedroom apartments to $570 USD for three bedroom apartments. You can buy an apartment like this for around $100,000 USD.

The apartment itself would be basic, but modern and clean. The hallways in most buildings are generally open without any windows as it never gets very cold in Medellin and therefore you’ll always feel a nice breeze. Architecturally, Medellin, the city of eternal spring, is a city that blurs the line between what it means to be inside and outside.

apartment rental in medellin with pool

The amenities in these buildings are unbelievable. In this example, we have two pools, a child’s pool as well as an adult pool. The pool area is a great place to spend time on the weekends, getting to know your neighbors or just relaxing. Within the pool area there is also a steam room and a spa.

If we make our way up this beautiful set of stairs we first pass through a series of small private trails that intertwine but all eventually lead to one of two public barbecue areas.

Apartments for rent in medellin long term

If we continue making our way up the hill we will make our way to the private sports fields. Here, there is a full basketball court, which easily converts into a tennis court, two soccer fields, a skate park and a even a dog park with a full obstacle course.

Unidad apartment medellin

Back on the main level of this apartment close to the pool, we’ll also see a kids park and a volleyball court. On this level main level there is also mini golf course, a camping area and even an on-site store for your basic grocery needs.

Good apartments for kids medellin

Beside the camping area, we’ll see the gym, with has a huge selection of equipment, and even a little outdoor deck surrounded by water where you can work out in the open air.

Again, the cost of all of this, depending on your apartment size, will cost you between $450 to $570 USD per month to rent. The same apartment would cost approximately $100,000 USD to buy.

However, deals like this are not easily obtained by foreigners as people who are not from the country are required to fulfill many requirements that most people who are new the country can’t meet. We’ll discuss all of these obstacles in our next blog post, but essentially, renting unfurnished apartments in Medellin is very difficult for foreigners.

The options presented to foreigners are generally short term furnished apartments that you pay huge premiums on. However at Moola Financial Group we can help you find unfurnished affordable, secure, and beautiful properties, like the property showcased in this blog post and video.

So if you’re looking for long term rentals in Medellin head over to and contact us today

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(*Learn how to dramatically reduce your corporate taxes by using the various restructuring blueprints that we’ll provide you in our FREE offshore tax planning and training mini-course.)

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